7 Action for Peace

Dreaming for Peace
We are certain that ‘Peace is Possible’. Our dream is to transform the world from the culture of violence to a culture of Peace. We begin out actions through dreaming of a peace filled world where every individual experiences peace in their life, in their family and community. This dream is the door to our endeavors for peace.

Thinking for Peace
To make our dream of achieving peace a reality, we need to think about it constantly. We need to think and strategize our actions. Our thoughts must always be centered on how to build a peace filled society. The more we engage our thoughts on our dream, the more clearly we get on what we speak and do to build peace.

Speaking for Peace
It is the responsibility of every individual to spread the awareness on the need for peace. Everyone is encouraged to speak about peace with whomever they come across. Speaking for peace also involves communicating with others in a non-violent manner. We should try always not to hurt people through our words. It is through setting examples of non-violent communication that we become agents of peace to others. Speaking against discrimination, oppression, violence and corruption too makes individuals agents of change for Peace.

Sharing for Peace
Sharing builds brotherhood and love. We set examples for peace building through sharing our resources with others. We do not hold back the knowledge and abilities and make differentiation between the fortunate and the less fortunate. We are called to share what we have that there may be equality, justice and peace.

Praying for Peace
We believe in the Supreme Being and look up to him in our troubles. While praying for our personal and family needs; we do also pray for Peace in the world. It is Grace that has brought us thus far and Grace will take us forward. Our prayers will be for the end of wars and hostilities between nations; enmity and quarrels between families and individuals and misunderstanding and unrest in the households; and hatred between our near and dear ones.

Working for Peace
It is our actions that speak of what we really are. We need to give our time and energy in organizing people for action for Peace. We mediate during misunderstanding and quarrels, we work for people who are victims of violence, we work for bringing broken families together, we work for bringing peace in communities troubled by violence due to discrimination and oppression. When we start doing something for a particular cause, we will be able to gain support from others and also inspire them towards working for the same cause.

Living for Peace
By dreaming, thinking, speaking, sharing, praying and working for peace, we shall be living for peace, inspiring tens of thousands of people towards building peace. Our dreams will be reality when a legion stands along with us for Peace in the world.


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