7 Principles for Peace

Spirituality for Peace
Peace Channel believes in the spirituality that there is only one Supreme Being, God, and all members of the human race are the children of the same God. God inspires and reveals Himself. Therefore Peace Channel members accept and respect all and promote spirituality of Peace. This is based on the interactive relationship, the mutual co-arising, between all things and the centrality of inner peace. A ‘return to the source’ is the crying need of the hour. Peace includes not only union with God but righteousness.

Reconciliation for Peace
We are called to life through reconciliation and not revenge. Each act of forgiveness and reconciliation adds up to the bliss of life in this world. The greatest of wars for peace on earth are to be fought not in the battle fields of the world, but in the hearts and minds of men. Therefore, Peace Channel would strive to believe that our lives are linked together, and that what we do impacts the lives of other people. Here we want to practice forgiveness for ourselves and others. It is choosing to practice compassion with our apparent adversaries; confronting injustice, not people; working for justice, healing and reconciliation. To be instruments of reconciliation and peace in the present peaceless world is a divine mission entrusted to the people of God.

Sacrifice for Peace
Peace Channel propagates the spirit of sacrifice to promote peace. Sacrifices make humans at par with angels in love. It calls for honouring the inherent dignity and worth of every human being by strengthening our resolve to be compassionate in our thoughts, words and actions. World peace is not only possible but inevitable today. We are called to put aside our petty interests for a greater cause of bringing harmony and brotherhood among one another. Everyone is called to be enthusiastic in their commitment, with a new lease on life, harmony and cooperation so that peace will prevail in our land.

Voluntarism for Peace
All of us are made for the purpose of caring for each other. This unique expression of love is carried out through the voluntary service and sharing of one’s life with others. Therefore Peace Channel strives to empower youth and provide information and professional services to the needy through Youth Peace Centers. Peace does not mean inaction. Peace really means a radical commitment to all genuinely human causes. Here we strive to use our talents to serve others as well as ourselves.

Self Realization for Peace
Peace Channel focusing on self development of humanity; development that transforms all aspect of life viz. Physical, Mental , Social, Financial and spiritual. People of all ages, allover the world have benefited immensely from inner transformation. The readiness to accept individuals and communities as they are is one important aspect of peaceful living. This reduces conflicts based on rejection on the basis of community, tribe and religion. This is to enlarge our capacity to embrace differences and appreciate the value of every human being. Everyone is called to work for justice, which will bring about change and usher in a peaceful state. One needs to open oneself
to the varied varieties of richness and goodness of others. Thus, Self Realization means to become stabilized from head to self.

Hospitality for Peace
Being able to accept the other into one’s fold accelerates the peace building process. This enhances the mutual understating and promotes peaceful co-existence. Peace can be achieved only when there is hospitality for strangers and pastoral care for everyone. Everyone is called to participate in reaching out to the weak, poor and the marginalized in the society. Everyone is called to put away discrimination and re-discover solidarity for a progressive society.

Non violence for Peace
We engage ourselves in building peace by being non-violent ourselves. It is the practice and advocacy of nonviolence by everyone that will eventually build a peaceful society. Non violence is considered as the most powerful tool in interpersonal, inter family, inter community and international relations. It is important that we build on this principle towards achieving our goal of universal peace and harmony.


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