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National Level Award

Under the PBCRO-NE Project, the movement has grown from strength to strength, making inroads into every district of Nagaland ands states of Manipur, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal and Mizoram. It is on the verge of moving into the National scene by introducing peace clubs in South and Central India. The Movement was recently conferred Karmaveer Puraskar Award for Best Child Led Initiative in India by iCongo & United Nations Volunteers on the 28th of November 2011.

Area Coverage
States of Nagaland (11 Dist), Manipur (3 Dist), Assam (3), Tripura (1 Dist) and Mizoram (1 Dist)

1.1. Peace Clubs
Districts Covered:       19
No of Institutions         80 No. of Clubs             140                       Members – 10200
No of Localities          35 Number of Clubs        35                       Members – 1180

1.2. People’s Forum for Peace Channel An Inclusive approach for peace Building)
They are professionals, religious leaders, civil society leaders and heads of the institutions.
No of Districts    3          Programmes Conducted – 9

1.3. Peace Channel Band
No of Band Performances
2008        3 performances           2500 Audience
2009        15 performances         12500 Audience
2010        15 performances         14300 Audience
2011        11 Performances         13500 Audiences

1.4. State & Regional Level Events
2008         No of Participants          450
2009         No of Participants         1200

2010         No of Participants           850
2011         No of Participants        1200

1.5. Peace Rally
2009       January               No of Participants            1550
2009       September          No of Participants             1250
2010       September          No of Participants             925
2011       October               No of Participants             1200

1.6 Training and Placement in Hospitality Sector
Capacity Building Programmes in the hospitality sector and Placements in collaboration with Government of Nagaland. 47 Nagaland youth were trained and sent to Middle East Kuwait to work in MCDonald.

1.7 Teacher Training Programmes
25         No of Participants         898

1.8. Capacity Building Trainings Conducted
Over 200 youth were selected trained for Life coping skills and sent them to various colleges and universities for their professional and Higher Studies
Student Leaders Programmes on Peace         41               No of Participants            3382
Locality Club Leaders Capacity Building         17                No of Participants            1372
Consultative Programmes                                 5                No of Participants              184
Peace Seminars                                                3                No of Participants              727
Interfaith Consultations                                     3                No of Participants               352

Peace Awards (2007-2011) : 14 personalities have been awarded Peace Channel awards annually for their exceptional contributions towards Peace Building in the State.

1.9. Research
Completed Research programmes:
1 Traditional Methods of Conflict Transformation in Lotha tribe
2 Traditional Methods of Conflict Transformation in Ao tribe
3 Peace Initiatives in Nagaland

Research Studies underway
1 Traditional Methods of Conflict Transformation in Angami tribe
2 Study on the Human Rights issues in the Text Books of NBSE
3 Status and Impact of Migration of Youth to Urban Areas

1.10. Networking
>> Government of Nagaland and Non governmental organizations
>> International Institute for Peace Education, Budapest, Hungary
>> Mindanao Peace Building Institute, Philippines
>> Quakers Team, United Kingdoms
>> India Alliance for Children’s Rights, New Delhi, India
>> Interfaith Coalition for Peace, New Delhi, India
>> Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi, India
>> Peace Team, Guwahati, Assam
>> North East Social Forum
>> International Institute of Peace Education


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