Director's Message

Dear Peace Lovers,

Peace is a gift from God. I take this opportunity to thank God for all the blessings that He has been showering up on each one of us. I sincerely, thank and appreciate all our animators, principals, teachers, associate members and members of Peace Channel clubs for their untiring spirit of hard work, openess and commitment. A small beginning in 2005 has made a big difference in reaching out to the youth in all the districts of Nagaland, in the North East region, National and International level. Undoubtedly, I can say that If we could reach out to so many thousands of children and youth especially the less privileged ones in the society, it’s because of the spirit of team work.

Let me take this chance to tell you what Peace means to me. Peace is the result of right relationship with God, Persons, Nature and Self. It is a gift from God. Well, peace stands for a state of mind in tranquillity where one is free from all sorts of worry. We say a human person is at peace when a kind of satisfaction exists in his/her mind and body. An element of joy, happiness and fulfilment enters his or her life. It is a multidimensional concept. Different people in different context use the word ‘peace’ differently. Peace begins from each person moving towards and beyond to other human beings and then towards the whole cosmos. The Peace Channel Circles show the way peace in the world operates. For peace to prevail in our world each circle of peace draws its strength from the circle closer to the centre. Global peace is founded on the peace of each single inhabitant of the globe or put in another way ‘each individual’s quest for peace enriches the whole world’. Every Peace Channel circle could accommodate others and thus open to growth and development.

On this occasion, I would like to call up on all, irrespective of caste, creed or colour to join hand with this initiative to work towards sustainable peace in our land. I do firmly believe that every single contributionhowever small it may be-do matter in our quest for lasting peace. Let us pledge that we will stand against violence and war whatever the outcome be! One thing is sure, tomorrow will be a better world when we all come together for Peace. So ‘Come Together for Peace for a Better Tomorrow!’

Peace To You!
Rev. Fr. C.P. Anto, Founder & Director, Peace Channel


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