I am glad to know that the Peace Channel, Dimapur is organizing the third Annual ‘North East Youth Peace Cultural Festival’ from 3-6th October, 2011 at the Little Flower Higher Secondary School, Kohima.

It is very commendable that the movement, which was founded in the year 2005, has reached out to more than hundred educational institutions and now has around 8000 youth members in the state. I am sure the four day festival involving youth and students will reinforce the yearning of the people of the state for peace and make the state a better place.

I extend my felicitations to Rev. Fr. C.P. Anto, Director, Peace Channel, the organizers of the Cultural Festival, Teachers & Students and wish the Festival all success.

Nikhil Kumar, Governor of Nagalan

In the present day context, where we are faced with conflicts and violence the initiative of Peace Channel, Nagaland is a welcome venture. It is also gratifying to note that Peace Channel, Dimapur is actively promoting peace building among the youth and general populace in every village and localities in the State through Peace Clubs in educational institutions and endeavours to reach out to other countries too. I hope the movement will make it possible for everyone to live in complete harmony in a non-violent and a peaceful atmosphere.

On this occasion I send my best wishes to the organisers and participants of this National Seminar and also with the publication of the Souvenir all success.

Neiphiu Rio, Chief Minister, Kohima, Nagalan

On this auspicious occasion, I would like t send my best wishes and greetings to all the members Peace Channel for their endeavor to build peace. The Peace Channel is taking steps towards educating the youth on peace and harmonious living through the peace clubs and peace celebrations among the youth. I am elated to know that the movement is has reached out to all the districts of Nagaland and wish them all success in future.

Naiba Konyak, Parliamentary Secretary, Youth Resources & Sports, Land Revenue, Vice President, State Sports Council, Government of Nagaland

Dear Rev. Fr. C.P. Anto,

I am very happy to know that Peace Channel, a noble initiative of the Diocese of Kohima, Nagaland, is enabling and empowering the future generation of children and youth to live in peace and to prevent violence and conflicts in our society. It has been aiming at the transformation of individuals to become peace lovers, peacemakers and peace promoters – leading people from a culture of violence to a culture of peace and intercommunity harmony. The movement aims to be a catalyst of change in the region. Change is possible only when we are open and rooted in Christ. Thus, my prayer and wish for the movement is that let it grow from strength to strength with thousands of youth joining in the regional, national and international level. I would like to congratulate the district animators, teachers, members of People’s Forum for peace and all the members of Peace Channel Club who have been working tirelessly under the guidance of Rev. Fr. C. P. Anto, reaching out to as many children and youth especially the less privileged sections of the society.

I am glad to know that the North East Youth Peace &Cultural Festival will be attended by the civil society leaders, educationists, social workers, religious leaders and businessmen apart from the youth and children. Let the theme of the event ‘Come Together for Peace for a better Tomorrow’ inspire all to live in unity and peace.

I applaud the movement for the contributions already made, and wish them the best in their noble mission to create peace and harmonious society.

Most. Rev. James Thoppil, Bishop of Kohima, Bishop’s House, P.B. No.- 519, Kohima – 797001, Nagaland, India

It is indeed heartening to know that a movement has begun to foster peace among humanity in these difficult times. It is through peace people can come closer and differences can be sorted out amicably. Peace must prevail to enhance the quality of life and the society as a whole irrespective of race, gender or religion. I convey my best wishes to the members of Peace Channel and wish them all success in their endeavour in promoting peace for the betterment of humanity.
Mrs. Asano Sekhose, Secretary, Nagaland Board of School Education, Post Box- 613, Kohima- 797001

Dear Rev. Fr. C.P. Anto

It gives me great joy to learn that under your leadership, the Peace Channel Nagaland is organizing the North East Youth Peace & Cultural Festival 2011 to commemorate International day of Peace and the Peace Channel Foundation Day with the theme ‘ Come Together for Peace for a Better Tomorrow’.

I have been watching the growth of the Peace Movement since its very beginning in 2006. It is not at all surprising that the movement has reached out almost all the districts of Nagaland and some areas in the North East India. The pace at which the movement is developing shows the commitment and dedication of the team headed by you and the relevance and acceptance of the cause that you are working tirelessly for.

Once again I wish you all the best, may God bless you abundantly.

Rev. Fr. Neisalhou Carolus Kuotsu, Vicar General, Bishop’s House, P.B. No.- 519, Kohima – 797001, Nagaland, India

Dear Peace Lovers,

Peace is a gift from God. I take this opportunity to thank God for all the blessings that He has been showering up on each one of us. I sincerely, thank and appreciate all our animators, principals, teachers, associate members and members of Peace Channel clubs for their untiring spirit of hard work, openess and commitment. A small beginning in 2005 has made a big difference in reaching out to the youth in all the districts of Nagaland, in the North East region, National and International level. Undoubtedly, I can say that If we could reach out to so many thousands of children and youth especially the less privileged ones in the society, it’s because of the spirit of team work.

Let me take this chance to tell you what Peace means to me. Peace is the result of right relationship with God, Persons, Nature and Self. It is a gift from God. Well, peace stands for a state of mind in tranquillity where one is free from all sorts of worry. We say a human person is at peace when a kind of satisfaction exists in his/her mind and body. An element of joy, happiness and fulfilment enters his or her life. It is a multidimensional concept. Different people in different context use the word ‘peace’ differently. Peace begins from each person moving towards and beyond to other human beings and then towards the whole cosmos. The Peace Channel Circles show the way peace in the world operates. For peace to prevail in our world each circle of peace draws its strength from the circle closer to the centre. Global peace is founded on the peace of each single inhabitant of the globe or put in another way ‘each individual’s quest for peace enriches the whole world’. Every Peace Channel circle could accommodate others and thus open to growth and development.

On this occasion, I would like to call up on all, irrespective of caste, creed or colour to join hand with this initiative to work towards sustainable peace in our land. I do firmly believe that every single contributionhowever small it may be-do matter in our quest for lasting peace. Let us pledge that we will stand against violence and war whatever the outcome be! One thing is sure, tomorrow will be a better world when we all come together for Peace. So ‘Come Together for Peace for a Better Tomorrow!’

Peace To You!

Rev. Fr. C.P. Anto, Founder & Director, Peace Channel

Peace Channel is a Youth Peace Movement, a new attempt to educate the youth in peace and human rights education. It is an initiative of the Diocese of Kohima, an outreach program to reach out to all sections of the society irrespective of their caste, creed, faith and belief, region or religion. It is a movement of the youth led by the gospel values, motivated to bring peace in a troubled region of the country. Through my personal observation I can say that it has created a great impact in the lives many communities who have been in conflict for many years. The movement also has played a vital role in bringing the youth to life who have got stuck on the way, especially the school drop outs and youth in conflict situations.

Rev. Fr. Mathew Thuniampral Secretary, Education Commission, Diocese of Kohima.

Peace Channel is a novel effort to make individuals better human beings through making them at peace with oneself, others, nature and God. I sincerely appreciate the contribution made by the movement in channeling my thoughts, speech and actions more peace oriented. I do strongly believe this movement will go a long way in molding the young people of today to make a better world tomorrow. Greetings to all Peace Club members and associates in this joyous Occasion!

Monica Kiaza, Social Worker, Dimapur

I have seen and experienced that the Peace Channel Movement is a path to unlimited growth to young people. The movement has gifted me memories to be always treasured. After working with the movement for over 2 years, I feel that I am not the same person anymore. I had countless opportunities to learn new things which has given me a better and stronger person today. I am grateful for being associated with the movement and hope that the movement will go far in shaping many more young lives.

Ms. Dorothy Humtsoe, Gen. Secretary, NCYM

After Joining peace channel it ha really enhanced and enriched my life. Peace Channel has given me the platform to learn, and experience new things and also gave me the opportunity to meet new people and see new places as well. I give all my credit to peace channel for shaping my career and my life. I have come to know the importance of peace in my life and I enjoying experiencing it every moment of my life.

Mr. Myingthungo,
District Co-ordinator, Mokokchung.

I came in contact with this movement when I was going though a great struggle in my life. The movement gave me the strength to overcome my difficulties and face my life more positively. It gave me a stage to build my confidence and self esteem and prove myself to others. Most of all the peace Channel family has helped me greatly to be what I am. Now I am ready to be helping others.

Ashley Theresa, Volunteer

It is indeed a great pleasure to share some of the changes the have taken place in my life after I joined Peace Channel as a district animator. It has given me the platform an opportunity to know my ability and identify my shortcomings which have helped me to put extra labour in better myself, I pray the Peace Channel will spread far and wide. I heartily appreciate the way Peace Channel is grooming the young people to be an independent and responsible youth.

Ms. Cynthia Arhoni, District Coordinator, Wokha


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