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What is Peace Channel ?

Peace Channel is a new youth movement of the third millennium aiming at organizing the youth as peace lovers, peace makers and peace promoters through information, formation and trans -formation. It is a fact that we are affected by conflicts, whether in our own country, society, colleges, schools, homes or even within our own selves. As a result we have become victims of religious riots, corruption, oppression, iscrimination, exploitation, injustice, violence, terrorism, war, poverty, insurgency etc.

What does Peace Channel do ?
In this scenario Peace Channel seeks to renew the humanity through promoting the youth as leaders and peace activists. It is an effort to transform the society from a culture of violence to a culture of peace, setting its borders beyond the borders of tribe, caste, class, region or religion towards a global family of Peace lovers. It is a non profit, non political, educational and humanitarian movement.

A world where peace and justice reign and love and freedom sty together.

“Formation of peace loving people and a peace filled universe”

Peace Channel endeavours to reach the youth in every village, town, district and state of India and eventually to other countries, to inspire them towards peace by creating units of Peace Channel. The functional strengths will be the net work of the units to nurture a“Culture of Peace and Justice” to eradicate the Culture of Conflict through multi dimensional approach.

Peace Channel members believe that there is only one Supreme Being, God, and all members of the human race are the children of the same God. Therefore, Peace Channel members accept and respect all religions and promote spirituality of Peace. When peace fills one person, s/he creates frequencies around resulting further channels of peace. Youth are highly potential, vibrant, energetic, enthusiastic, creative and powerful group of the society in the process of peace building, if organized, promoted, protected and projected as leaders and peace activists.

Be a Channel of Peace

1. To promote reconciliation and intervention for peace building.
2. To help to live in harmony with God, nature, others and self.
3. To protect youth from substance a b u s e , tobacco use and form responsible behaviour.
4. To promote religious unity and harmony.
5. To promote positive thinking and pro-life activities for peaceful living.
6. To promote socio-economic, cultural -educational and environ -mental development.
7. To facilitate collaboration and network with all peace building agents.

1. Spirituality for Peace
2. Reconciliation for Peace
3. Sacrifice for peace
4. Openness for Peace
5. Non-violence for peace
6. Hospitality for Peace
7. Holistic life for Peace

Initial approaches aim at the formation of the individuals, who in turn form Peace Channel units in the schools, colleges, self help groups, institutions and organizations.

They get together twice a month to celebrate peace by following the seven steps of Peace Channel.

They promote peace and deve-lopment in the locality, by under-taking short term projects of social interest that need immediate attention.


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