Major Activities

Formation of Peace Clubs
Formation of Peace Clubs is a major activity of Peace Channel. Peace clubs are formed in the educational institutions and different localities. The strategy that is used is information, formation and transformation. The youth are informed about the Movement and its activities and goal and then they are formed into a club, after which the process of transformation takes place. The Movement stresses on individual transformation, which can eventually lead to the transformation of the society as a whole.

Capacity Building Programmes
Trainings, seminars and workshops are organized on various topics and themes for the people, particularly the youth. Some of the topics that are dealt with are Peace and Conflict, Environment, Leadership, Career, Study Skills, Human Rights Education, HIV/AIDS and various other life skill and personality development topics. The sole purpose of such programmes is to capacitate them in whichever way possible so that they can be responsible citizens and able leaders. The topics are chosen based on the need of the locality or the institution or on the need of the hour.

Peoples Forum for Peace (PFP)
PFP is a family of peace lovers and peace promoters who comprises of a group of people coming from different backgrounds and professions. They sit together to know each other and discuss about the issues concerning the society, especially those which acts as a barrier towards peace building.

Interfaith Meet
Interfaith Meet is held every year where the leaders from different religion and faith are brought together for a common dialogue. They speak about their religion and the practices. All religion and faith is accepted and they sit together as one, planning for a united society leaving aside their different practices. This is an effort on the part of Peace Channel to promote religious harmony and give out the message that, no matter which religion or faith we follow, every individual hopes for a peace filled society.

Cultural Programmes
Youths are sent to other states to learn about their culture and at the same time teach the others the same of their own. This way they are promoting and protecting their tradition and also learn something different from the others. Folk song and folk dance competitions are held within the state so that the tradition of the ancestors can be preserved and handed down to the generation that is to follow.

Job Placement Cell
The youths are given a chance to do something with their life by helping them find job so that they can be employed and have a secure future. They are placed within the country as well as abroad wherever they can contribute their best. For those who have no qualification or those who are illiterate, they are taught and encouraged to be self employed. This is an effort of the Movement to keep them occupied and pave a way for the future because, unemployment and the lack of basic needs being fulfilled, very often push them towards violent and criminal acts.

Peace Concerto
Peace Concerto team consists of the musicians, drama actors and the choreographers who presents songs and play which depicts the present scenario of the state and the hope for a change. The team gives out the message to give peace a chance which will pave way for development of the society. It is a platform where the youth can showcase their talents and further improve it.

Peace Research and Development studies
Researchers are done on conflicts which arose within the state and how it was solved, the traditional law practices and also on other development areas. The purpose of the research is to know the root cause so that a second happening of the similar conflict can be avoided, and if it arises then the method to transform can be applied. It is an effort to avoid conflicts and rather work together on the development of the society as a whole.

Networking with other Organizations and Movements
Peace Channel networks with likeminded organizations and movements in order to have a greater and better impact in the society. Various movements and organizations coming together can contribute much more to the society in different areas rather than a single movement in the upliftment of the society.


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