Peace Celebration

Peace Celebration is the Hallmark of Peace Channel. This is the regular meetings of the peace clubs, where the members come together to share, learn and plan, in view of building a peaceful society. They share their experiences and express their aspirations in the gathering. It is a platform to inform, listen, learn, realize and transform. It is a powerhouse from where each peace club members draw strength for individual and collective growth.

The Procedure:
Peace Celebration follows a seven step procedure. To begin the members of the club sit in the form of a circle around a lit candle; to remind the members that everyone is equal with all the uniqueness, we hold within. No religion, tribe, cast, language, or colour will separate us. All of us belong to one family as God’s Children.

The Greeting Code
“Peace to You” Response: “Peace to You Too”

Sacred Code
“Every day, every moment I am becoming a peace lover, peace maker and a peace promoter.”

Ice Breaking
The members begin the celebration with songs and party games in order to break the ties in them and create a friendly atmosphere. This helps the members to be at ease in the group which would promote friendship and a free sharing among themselves.

Peace Prayer
Then the members of the club sit in silence to pray. One of the members prays for peace. This is prayer is done to endorse religious harmony, and imprint the message, in the minds of the young members that we are children of the same God. This encourages children to pray for peace.

To attain self- realization, the members are encouraged to inculcate the habit of meditation. It can be guided meditation by the coordinator/club leader helps the young people to relax and experience the inner peace. They recognise their own positive energy with which they can change themselves to build a harmonious society. Only when one experiences and enjoys peace, he or she can reflect that peace to people around.

Learning Session
This is a time of learning and grasping positive thoughts through anecdotes, real life stories and topics related to youth or important current issues by the coordinator, invited guest or selected peace club members. These inspire them to be in touch with the realities of life and how to face challenges in life with the weapon of peace by throwing away weapons of war from our society. They transform their own life and become instruments of peace in their own homes and society. The person who conducts this session is free to use any appealing method of communication that would create interest and capture the attention of young people.

Evaluation and Planning
This is a frank sharing of their activities, achievements, failures and suggestions for the better functioning of the club. They freely express their opinions and ideas for enhancing and making the club activities more relevant to them. During the planning, the date for the next gathering is fixed. They then place before the club members the activities that they would carry out during the period. The members suggest different activities like, cleanliness drive, outreach programme to hospitals and orphanage etc. After the consensus the dates are fixed by the members to carry out the action oriented plans in the most efficient and effective manner. They also evaluate the meeting procedure and outcome.

Peace Pledge
The members renew their promise during every peace celebration. Through the pledge, they renew their vow to promote peace wherever they may be, and be an example for others to follow. They also affirm that they would accept all without any discrimination, with the belief that all are children of the same God.

‘As a member of Peace Channel Movement, I promise to live in peace always, to promote, to sustain and to share peace with everyone, everywhere and always. I pledge not to discriminate anyone on the basis of race, caste, tribe, culture and religion. I will always strive to inspire peace to others and make their life comfortable. With courage, I will stand up against violence, be it verbal, physical or passive; and teach others through my example of non-violence. I respect all lives and uphold my belief in Supreme Being,
God and accept all the human beings as children of the same God.’

Peace Anthem
The Peace Celebration concludes with the Peace Anthem. They disperse with the greetings of peace.

Together in love and peace and joy my friend,
Giving hope to those in need
And sharing our joy with all those in grief
Brightening our world with peace
*Chorus: As we live (so we give) and we move (so we share).
Peace we give (to the world)
As one family of peace channel (channel of peace)
Making peace grow and shine far beyond nation,
True peace to everyone
Believing in peace, justice always my friends,
Promote it sustain and share
No culture and creed discrimination,
Standing firm against all odds


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