Peace Channel Band

As part of above initiatives of the Peace Channel a peace concert group called Peace Channel band has been formed with talented youths drawn from different tribes and religious communities belonging to the marginalized sections of the society, a program to engage especially school drop-outs and unemployed youths of the region. Peace channel band has been creating impacts in the minds of youths with number of performances carried out in several Educational Institutions, Churches, villages and Public places in the state and the neighboring regions since last three years.

The team has prepared a thematic drama, music and dance extravaganza for public performance. The whole programme aims to create awareness on the present scenario of our region and spread the message of peace and hope for a better society. In the midst of environmental disorder, unemployment, illiteracy, corruption, violence and HIV/AIDS prevalent in Nagaland, our youth are able to dream for a bright future of Nagaland.
The Peace Channel Band dream is based on PEACE AND NONVIOLENCE. Striking a balance on this key solution, the youths of Nagaland are optimistic about having a vision and dream for Nagaland and North East India. Recognizing that a the positive developments are on the rise by way of improvement in transportation, road development, industry, companies, increase in civic sense, aspiration for a bright future, the rich culture and traditions, etc, these youth give an orientation to see beyond the present scenario. The Band was officially formed and launched on 21st September 2008. Mr. Imly and team has been managing the Band.

Aims & Objectives:

To create a platform for youth of different denominations and religions to come together to promote peace, harmony and common brotherhood among the people in general and young people in particular.
2. To encourage and promote young Musicians & artists.
To conscientize the general public through Music and Art in preventing and eradicating social evils and violence from the face of the society.
To break-through the walls/boundaries/barriers and bridge the gap among various tribes, communities and religions of India.
5. To protect, preserve and promote the unique Arts& Culture of the region.

Programme & Activities

Presenting the Band performance 20 times in a year to create awareness.
2. Cultural Exchange programmes for inter denominationsand cultural level in the states of North East and National level..
Music Training for the Band Memebrs.
Documentation and publication of programs into CD/Videos/Songs/Albums for team further peace mission support.
5. Monthly get-together for planning and evaluation of the team mission works/activities.

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